Tomonobu FujiiJapanese professional racing driver

Tomonobu Fujii's first international race experience was in 2013 at the 24 Hours of Dubai where he achieved an overall 3rd place podium place with Aston Martin. Since then, he has developed a strong affiinity with the Untied Arab Emirates, returning to race in the 24 Hours of Dubai in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

More recently, when the Asia Le Mans Series relocated to the United Arab Emirates in 2021, this provided the perfect opportunity to race more extensively in the region and Tomonobu Fujii therefore arranged for the D’station Racing Team to enter the championship.

This has provided an incredible experience to race annually at the world-class facilities of both Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina Circuit, whilst being able to visit the United Arab Emirates, a country that Tomonobu Fujii finds culuturally rewarding and welcoming.

Tomonobu Fujii looks forward to continuing to race in the United Arab Emirates for the rest of his career.


24 Hours of DUBAI
Asian LeMans DUBAI and Abu Dhabi

Asian LeMans Series
  • 2022 : GT Class
  • 2021 : GT Class
  • 2020 : GT Class
  • 2019 : Win(Rd1)
  • 2009 : 3rd podium LMGT2 class (Okayama)
24Hours of DUBAI

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

  • 2018 : A6 Pro Class 6th
  • 2016 : A6 Pro Class
  • 2014 : A6 Pro Class
  • 2013 : 3rd podium, Overall